Your Attention Please!
Some Beta equipment is getting simply too old to permit a reliable repair. Because of this I no longer repair the first generation Betas. To open an alphanumeric list of the models that I  do accept for repair or reconditioning click . Clicking on the model numbers in this list will display a picture of that item here in the center of this web page.

offers a repair service your Beta which includes a 90 day warranty. To request information about receiving an estimate complete the form below and press the SUBMIT FORM button. You should receive a reply within 48 hours. Want to more about my repairs? Click
In the comments space provided below please briefly describe problem(s) your Beta is having.

You are welcome to ship your Beta VCR or accessory to Misterßetamax for evaluation and repair. After receipt you will be receive an itemized estimate detailing what services need to be performed to return it to factory specifications.  Every Beta VCR or accessory repaired by Misterßetamax receives a 90 day warranty on the services performed. This basic service is $89.00.